Painting with Lights

Thought I'd try my hand at something different.

I read an article about playing with long exposure, moving of camera and such and esp a light source with a lot of lights, like a Christmas tree. Well I figured it couldn't be too hard, so I set it up and sure enough the results are a bit unusual but fun. So I thought I'd post a few.
Its definitely not for everyone but its a bit out of the ordinary for me - and I'm going to try find more of these type things to photograph, it was a fun little side project.

Christmas Portraits

Christmas is almost here, its not too late to do a small session!
Get some great portraits of the kids or family and put them on Christmas cards, or even make a canvas print and give away to loved ones for Christmas?

You can have Christmas cards done locally in a couple of days and still send them out in time for Christmas. Canvas' usually take about a week but the results are well worth it - they print fabulous and looks great on the wall. I even offer a painted look so your portraits when printed on canvas will look like a painting.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Portrait time

My 9 year old just had a birthday recently and of course just like all other parents I wanted updated portraits of him - the school portrait he came home with just wasn't sufficient so I wanted to do some myself.
We start with him and his siblings for the Christmas card this year, which goes well and the kids take off playing. Now trying to coax my 9 yr old into doing his own, he asks: Why? You just took some last year!
LOL, I explained I wanted some updated pictures since he change his looks from year to year and its only once a year. He just couldn't get why I needed to redo the pictures EVERY year, wasn't once every 2-3 years enough?
Well it gave me a chance to play with some new "treatments" - one of my favorite is this B&W version, it does real well on most portraits.

Senior Portraits

Its still not to late to have your 2010 Senior Portraits made.
The window for outdoor/environmental portraits is quickly closing up but you can still have studio portraits made. One of the last ones for this season was done in the middle of October.
We had some studio shots made as well as some outdoor ones around Milton/Hurricane area.

If you're a Senior for 2010 its still not to late to book a session.
Or 2011 Seniors book your sessions early and get the nice new green and flowers coming out this spring. Stayed tuned for an updated Senior Gallery:

Sports Portraits

I tried my hand at some football pictures a few weeks ago; I had 3 boys help me out.
If you have a son oryou yourself are in a sport (any sport), I'd love to try my hand at those as well. Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Cheerleading, etc.

Check out my football portraits here (still waiting on permission for the 3rd boy to post his portraits):

Looking for models!

I want to try my hand at a few new things and am looking for models to practice on. I won't charge a session fee for these model sessions and I'll give you a choice of:
5x7 portrait of your choice mounted in a folio (as seen below) + 8 wallets for you to keep
8x10 Memory Mate/Composite or Print.
In addition to being able to purchase additional prints if you so choose.

I'm looking for models in these categories:
  • Sports Photography - If you or your child plays sports (any grade level is fine), I'd love to take some shots in full uniform and where he/she plays (field or court).
  • Modelling Portraits - Looking for environmental portraits, as well as some Studio shots of special occasions (prom type dressing), individuals or couples.
If you're interested email or call me for details.

Time for Fall Portraits!

Fall is one of my favorite parts of year.
I love the colors of autumn, it gives such a color punch to portraits.
Here's your chance to book a session for nice outdoor fall portraits - with such a wet summer in WV we should have great fall leaves this year to take advantage of if you want environmental portraits.
Or if you prefer studio setting, I still offer the fall themed setting with colorful fall leaves, apples, hay bale and wagon wheel, like above.

Cityscapes & Beach Photos

Went on a long weekend trip and got some nice beach shots of Fairport West Breakwater Lighthouse as well as a nightshot skyline panorama image of Pittsburgh. Thought I'd share them here. See more in my Lighthouse and Landscapes folders here:

Venice of the North

I spent the last part of July in Sweden visiting family.
And having 10 days needing to occupy myself with something I spent a lot of time walking around snapping pictures around Stockholm.

I visited Drottningholm (royal family's residence), Old Town, Djurgården, Kungsholmen, östermalm, not to mention several castles outside of Stockholm - Gripsholm in Mariefred, Skokloster in Sigtuna, Edsberg in Sollentuna, Rosersberg & Steninge in Märstal, Ulriksdal & Haga in Solna.
Above Left: Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred.
Above Right: Drottningholm Castle.
Below Left: Back street in Old Town, Stockholm.
Below Right: City Hall as seen from City Hall Gardens.
I shot approximately 1800 pictures, a few I'm showing on my website, sorted by category. I've tried my best to name the places and views in the photographs.
I'll be updating it a few more times until the beginning of August, as I finish up with my editing.

Some New Props

I aquired some new children's props this spring and since I had to take some new portraits of my 2 youngest I decided to try out the new stuff. I aquired a new paper color - orchid.
And I got these cute little ducklings (& a rabbit which we didn't use, maybe this fall or next spring?) - my kids were SO excited about these. As you can see I got some good shots of the kids with them.

Then I got a new petal mat, this one will be good for newborns through seniors. The previous mat I got is a bit rough to lay on, esp younger kids and infants, but this one seem to work well. It's a nice cream color so its fairly unisex for newborns.

And I got these blocks which I've repainted in primary colors (+ green). I thought about adding ABC and 123 on them but I figured I could do that digitally or even put the child's name and age in the openings.

Be sure to check out my portfolio galleries for more cute photos:

With spring comes Graduates!

When the end of spring comes close you start hearing about graduations, both for High Schoolers and Preschoolers. I got the opportunity to snap some portraits at a local preschool, the kids did really good posing and I got some good shots of all of them, some a bit more serious than others. ;o)
Here's 2 of the preschoolers, as you can see they were happy to be graduating.


A small reminder to scroll down the page for my specials that I announced.

  • I offered a discount on wedding and bridal packages.
  • Free prints on some sessions.
  • And lowered the session fees on some sessions as well.

Check out the details below under "Wedding Specials" and "New LOWER Prices".

Coupons can still be found on my website:

1st Birthday with Cake.

As I've said before, this is one of my favorite sessions to do.
I love setting the kids down with balloons and their own cake to smash to pieces, its so festive and you can't beat the expressions most kids give.
This little fella was so excited about his balloons and cake and he kept looking and giggling at the cake the entire time. We sat him down and he was so neat with the cake, just picking off the sprinkles, barely touching the icing. Finally mom smashed his hand into it and it resulted in a minute's worth of crying til he realized there was CAKE underneath it and then he went to town on it eating and smearing.
Love the results, so cute and messy.

3rd Birthday Portraits.

At age 3 you're starting to get a little more co-operation from toddlers (at least compared to 1 or 2 year olds), in fact this little lady started with her own poses and to be honest she did a great job. Like the one of her laying on the floor was one of my favorites and completely her doing.

Then we tried a few new things as well...
I had seen this neat photo of arranging letters for the child's name in different fonts and colors and we decided to try that; the mom loved it, and it turned out so cute.
And I tried an old favorite pose as well, more or less a silhouette from waist up, it turned out pretty cute I think.

Family and Infant Portraits

Got a chance to photograph 2 families this weekend as well as some Infant and Toddler sessions.
The family ones turned out really nice, I always stress that I won't get a nice shot when there's more than 3 people and esp with 3 under 7, kids are so unpredictable. But they did really good and I got several nice shots of them.

Also snapped some individual of the kids. The two older kids were hams and then the little baby was so cute, she was bound and determined not to stay on the set, first chance she got she crawled off with super speed.

Wedding Specials!

I offered a discount to brides to be at a bridal fair earlier this year - I've decided to let all brides and grooms take part in this discount for a limited time - coupon can be found here:

Specials include:
  • $100 off ANY wedding package.
  • A free 11x14 wall portrait with engagement sessions.
  • Bridal sessions (bride only or bride and groom sessions available) are for a VERY limited time $250 (has been $400) - this session includes 25 printed proofs and an 8x10 wall portrait.
Don't miss out on these great deals.

Vacation offers photo opportunities!

Got a chance to travel to Outer Banks, NC during Spring Break, which provided me with a lot of photo opportunities.
I got to add 6 new lighthouses to my list, as well as some awesome beach views, a sunrise and lots and lots of flowers. Some of the images from Outer Banks can be seen in my various PAFP galleries starting here:

And here are 3 of my favorites, a panorama from a beach on Hatteras Island.
One of the pretty lighthouses (Hatteras Island) and one of the many flowers in Elizabethian Gardens in Manteo, I love how this one got backlit.

New LOWER Prices!

I lowered some of my session fees this year, with the economy being so bad I wanted to help out so people could still enjoy great photographs of their loved ones.

1st Birthdays are so special, I'm still offering a session with a real cake for the birthday child to smash and eat and balloons and a free collage, but made the proof album optional.
Book it now for $50! Coupon can be found here:
Its a great deal and CUTE results, check out these two birthday kids...

I also lowered my smallest session - for simple portraits and headshots (single, no group shots please) to $20. Its a great value when you want something simple like school year portraits, a simple cap and gown portrait (preschool or high school) or headshots for business cards etc.

And last but not least I've also lowered my other sessions a traditional session for infant, children, family, engagement and maternity. They are now only $50; up to 1.5 hrs, proofs viewable on my website free of charge and as usual my print prices have stayed the same.
My Ultimate session has been lowered to $200, up to 3 hrs in 2 locations, up to 6 people and 2-3 wardrobe changes (for kids and maternity, 1 for families). This session still includes a free mini album with proofs and also all the proofs are available for viewing on my website.

Don't miss out on these great deals!
Coupons and prices can be viewed here:
Or email for a complete price list for the session you had in mind.

Other photo opportunities.

A couple of the sessions I had booked for this month got canceled and of course my fingers got itchy for something to photograph, so I found other things to capture this month - one of them being some orchids at a local conservatory that I visited.

Orchids is one of my favorite flowers, which is quite apparent when you look at my galleries - Orchids got their own gallery because I've photographed so many of them now! :o)
Here's a couple of the ones I took this month, and a link to more:

And last month I got in the baking mood and made my own homemade chocolates with fillings (some with almonds, marsmellows, coconut and then the last was suppose to be crushed butterfinger bars but I ran out, so I used some Swedish candy called Daim - its similar to Heath bars).
And I wouldn't be a photographer unless I started playing and photograph the things before they got consumed. You can find more of those images here:

If you are curious you can find more of my other photograph opportunities (which are also available for purchase as prints or products) here:

Scout Portraits

I agreed to do a scout portrait fundraiser for a local scout group in hopes to raise some more money for the boys. Although we didn't have as great participation this year as we did last year, we still made enough to get them some new awards that they're busy earning this spring.

Congratulations on your new ranks boys!

Bridal Fair!

Event: Bridal Fair
Location: Huntington Mall
Barboursville, WV
Date: March 1st, 2009 (12pm-4pm)


I invite you to come see my table at the Huntington Mall's Bridal Fair where I'll be showing off some of my products and prints and be on hand to answer questions. I'm giving away a prize through a registration card drawing at my table after the fair. I'm also offering a 1 day only discount to brides who wish to book their weddings that day.

So come check my table out and don't miss out on my special prize and discount!
Hope to see you there!


There's nothing like photographing kids...

After my most recent session of formal headshots I still had my gear set up and my 2 year old was running around wanting attention, I put him on the stool and thought ok, he's game lets take some nice pictures of him for the grandparents.

Well if you have kids you should know now that things never turn out like you expect them too.
My 2 year old was game alright but not in the way I thought. 1 image out of I don't know how many was a smile and fairly nice, the rest were faces as these below...

This inspired me to start a folder on my portfolio with just outtakes, with kids you get A LOT of them. Here's the link which will hopefully contain more in the future:

Professional Head Shots.

I had the opportunity to take some more headshots this month...
This woman was needing some more "formal" portraits for her professional website among other things. We tried several different shirts to come up with something she really liked. She preferred the more colorful shirts and ended up picking the first image below, which also happened to be my favorite.