School Portraits

Got a chance to try regular school portraits with a local preschool, they wanted something different - not your normal school photos and not anything spring-like with florals and animals that are so popular.
So the teachers and I came up with this new set up - certainly different than your normal preschool portraits. :)


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New BGs just in!!!

I just got a shipment of new backdrops, check these out!

Corrugated steel - will look smashing with senior guys.
The wood floor gives character to any set up.
The damasks as part of a fancier set up for kids, seniors or formals.
I also ordered specific ones for 2 recent shoots - samples to come soon on my blog.
And more BGs on the way for more options later this spring!

Winter Senior Portraits

Did a senior session mid-January. The weather really hasn't been co-operating (no pretty snow and certainly not green) so we started with studio shots and going to finish up when the weather warms up and it gets greener. We did some simple portraits - no props, here's a few of my favorite B&W's from the day:

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Winter Wedding

Got the opportunity to help a friend shoot a winter wedding in January.  It was a small and intimate ceremony, a beautiful bride and a happy groom - couldn't be lovelier!

A few of my favorites from the day:



More can be found on my website shortly: