Almost Christmas time again.

Almost time for my favorite season of all; Christmas. I just finished up my autumn portraits, mostly various family photos done, I did get to try out the bridge I got several months ago on my kids. I was hoping my oldest would be into the whole "fishing" theme but not so much. The youngest is 2 so obviously getting him to listen is hard. My daugther was a good sport though and got some cute ones of her. I also managed to bribe all 3 of mine for a fall portrait, I doubt I'll get them to co-operate for a Christmas photo, but I thought this one was kind of cute, hopefully I'll be able to work it into some sort of Christmas card.

My oldest had another birthday so time for annual portraits of him as well, I do think I like taking pictures of other peoples kids more than my own, my own always put up such a fuss. My oldest is very much into fake smiles and he kept insisting they were genuine 'til I showed him one of his worst fake smiles he gave me - after that he was all about joking and cracking up. Whatever works I suppose, its like bribing my youngest with a sucker for his. :o)
Be sure to check out the rest of the photos in my galleries (link to the right of posting)!