Happy 1st Birthday!

Another session with this little guy, I've photographed him since he was a newborn.
First birthday sessions are usually fun, if they're feeling good they have a ball smashing the cake.
This little guy had too much partying the day before and wasn't feeling his best (it's bad if you don't want cake!). Despite that I think we got some cute "pre-cake" pictures...the mom had found a few props she wanted to include (o-n-e) - so we made composites out of them.

A few of my favorites of the day:

And more to be found on my website shortly:

Sports Models Needed!

With fall sports starting up - I'd love a chance to practice some sport portraits!

If you or your child is involved in a fall sport and would like some free prints in exchange for me to do some test shots, then give me a call or send me an email!

I'll offer you a choice of:
5x7 mounted in folio as seen above + 8 wallets.
8x10 Memory Mate - personalized with your child's info (team, number, coach, etc).

Any sport except Football and Baseball (which I've already covered) goes and I'm flexible with dates and times. Also worth mentioning, if you have several kids, I'll be happy to take portraits of each of them, you'll receive the above choices for EACH of the kids.
Portrait samples will be used in my portfolio (I will not publish the Memory Mate with you child's info of course!).

Beach silhouettes

Went to western Florida this year and enjoyed the sunsets.
Living on the east coast makes these spectacular sunsets over the water a rare treat.
My children were playing on the beach one evening, so I saw my opportunity to take a few pictures of them.
I love these backlit shots and thought I'd upload a few of my favorites.
The last two were taken during the day when my oldest was intent on figuring out how to skim-board.

New York, New York!

Had a girls weekend in NYC this spring. Its not my first visit to NYC but we sure hit all the tourist spots and got a great workout in the process, it was a busy 2.5 days with lots of walking. We even squeezed in a Broadway show...lots of fun that must be repeated!

Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty.

The new World Trade Center buildings (love the reflection!), the Washington Arch (reminds me of the Arc de Triomphe).

The Flat Iron building, Times Square at Night.

Rockerfeller Center and Radio City Music Hall both at night.

Manhattan Skyline as seen from Staten Island ferry (I truly miss the WTC towers in the skyline), and the Brooklyn Bridge.