Senior Portrait #2

Same girl - we had some outdoor portraits done as well.
My neighbor has an old barn that has a certain charm to it and works well for all kids of portraits, we utilized that as well as the woods above it for these outdoor shots.

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Senior Portrait #1

Had a girl take me up on some Senior Portraits this year - got so many fantastic shots of her I have to do two posts for you. The indoor shots; she was brave enough to try my new backdrop called Crimson, I think it worked out well with her complexion and eyes.

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Outdoor Portraits

A friend of mine wanted some outdoor shots of her boys before the leaves fell off.
We took a few quick ones - it was getting late in the evening and light was dimming fast.
Still got a few cute ones. :)

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Autumn Bridals

Granted we didn't have the colorful leaves just yet but you could feel it in the air.
Or maybe that was love? ;)
This wonderful couple had some bridals done after their August wedding and I wanted to share a few of my favorites, wonderful farm setting and you can tell they're in love. Can it get much better?

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More family shots

This family wanted to try a few more family shots to get more variety, I was more than happy to oblige.
Even though we couldn't get the posing just right, I think we managed to get a few good shots for them to pick from.

And of course the oldest wanted a few more shots with his smurfs - a little bigger ones this time.

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