New backgrounds are in!!!

So excited to add a few items to my stock...6 new backgrounds to start with, see backgrounds and info below - will be available starting in January.  I'm also adding some rompers for baby shoots - will go perfectly with the Victorian Themed Dresser background. I'm looking into adding more holiday themed to do more Christmas shoots next year but more importantly a few more senior ones for usage starting this spring...stay tuned for more options and great deals!

Can't wait to try them out!

Cherry trees - perfect for your newborn portraits or as a spring background with toddlers/preschoolers.
The turquoise tufted background is fabulous with anything from baby through seniors and glamour shots!

Brick wall with door and window set - for those urban/grungy senior portraits. Would work spectacular with a brighter outfit!
Victorian dresser - I bought 2 different rompers to go with this as well as an antique mirror - anything from baby through child portraits, or even close ups of seniors for a little different texture/bg.

The flag BG thinking mainly for children and babies.
The pink tiles would be great for a pop of color with babies/toddlers or even seniors that need a little attitude.

Fall preschool portraits.

I have been INSANELY busy lately and gotten behind on my blog posts, for that I apologize but on a good note, means I'm staying busy and delivering great portraits. ;)

So about a month ago I had finished up my session at a local preschool again.  Absolutely love my sessions with the preschoolers - even though its all the same bg and no variety in poses, the personalities usually shine through loud and clear at this age.
Here's some of my favorites!

More Senior Portraits.

Revisited the old farmstead for some more senior portraits a few weeks ago.
Loved the look of the rustic country setting and decided to do these senior portraits there as well. Hopefully some studio shots to follow shortly.

Here's some of my favorites of this beautiful blonde!

No tricks, just treats!


$95 (+ tax) package:
  • Session fee included for your child/ren or whole family.  
  • A CD with up to 25 different poses of high resolution portraits included in the session price!  The CD alone is a $150 value!
Email or call now to book!
You'll have your CD in hand in plenty of time to make enlargements for family members for Christmas or get an early start on Christmas cards.

WV Autumn Colors!

Traveled Rt 60 past Hawks Nest, Cathedral Falls and Babcock during Bridge Day weekend and captured these GORGEOUS sights!!!
I don't care who you are - this is absolutely stunning in the autumn and should give New England a run for its money when it comes to color, don't you think?


The leaves are rapidly changing around here - so here's last call for those who wish to have some great fall portraits with the pretty leaves!

Sessions starting at $25!  Digital proofs available within a week!

I have prints, packages, bound and personalize coffee table books or the BEST deal of all is my CD with high resolution images, each CD contain at least 75 portraits you can print at your own leisure!

To book - please see phone and/or email on the right of this post!

Some of my recent fall session:

Don't want to drag your kids out in the weather? No problem - we can create a fall themed set in a snap!

6 month old!

This little lady came back for her 6 month portraits recently - decided to try some with my candy sticks for something different on her (we've already done the solid bgs).
Think these turned out darling!

Old Farm Senior Portraits!

Had the opportunity to photograph this young lady's senior portraits a few weeks ago.
Nothing but outdoor portraits at an old farm and a few clothing changes and props....think we got a fantastic selection for her yearbook!
Here's some of my personal favorites: