Cookies & Cocoa with Santa.

Helped a local school take portraits of kids and Santa for the second year in a row.
Got to hear the wonderful choir sing (some classics and some not so classical songs) and snap pictures of Santa with all the kids. Here's a few from the day's work...


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Sneak Peek at 2012 pricing!

Wanted to share a sneak peek at my 2012 pricing list...this is gonna be the year for portraits!
You can now buy a CD collection* and print your own images at a lab of your choosing!

Regular Portrait Sessions can enjoy:
  • Regular Portrait Session include a FREE portrait packages with paid session fee.
  • Ultimate Sessions include a custom hardcover 14 page portrait book as well as a standard portrait package.
Senior Session can enjoy the benefits of:
  • Senior Sessions starting at $50 and includes a Portrait Package.
  • Ultimate Senior Session includes both a custom hardcover 14 page album as well as a Standard Portrait Package.
And lets not forget about the Brides and Grooms, my new wedding packages will be as follows:
  •  Platinum Wedding Package is $800 and includes:
    • All day wedding coverage
    • Custom hardcover 26 page album  
    • 8x10 canvas print
    • CD Collection with print release, so you can print your own images!  
  • Diamond Wedding Package is $1000 and includes:
    • All day wedding coverage
    • Bridal portraits on a separate day
    • Custom 26 page album from wedding 
    • Custom 14 page album from bridals  
    • 8x10 canvas print
    • CD Collection with print release for both wedding and bridal images, so you can print your own images! 
I also offer a deal for First Birthday portraits which includes a real cake to smash and free portraits!
And Engagement Sessions include a free book and a free portrait package!
For more details; email or call me, I look forward working with you!
* Call for details.

Christmas is upon us shortly...

Christmas Portraits are starting to come into full swing - I took some for this set of grandparents with their grandkids, then finished off with portraits of each set of siblings - the last ones had to be individuals, you'll see why. Christmas cards are gonna be funny this year!

More can be found in my galleries shortly:

3 Month Portraits

I snapped this little guy's newborn portraits back in September.
3 Months seems to be the awkward phase, they're too big for the newborn poses and not quite big enough for the 6 month ones since they don't sit unassisted. Regardless think we got a few cute ones, here's my favorites:


See more in my gallery shortly:

6 Month Portraits

This little guy needed some snazzy 6 Month Portraits done.
This is starting to be the fun age, I truely enjoy the 6 and 9 month sessions, they sit, lay, almost crawl...they're usually very happy and respond to talking and so on, you get such good shots of them at this age.
Here's a few of my favorites from the day:

More can be found in my gallery shortly:

More Seniors

I believe this will be my last senior of the year, unless I get someone who's brave enough to do outdoor shots in the snow and cold. ;)
We did some simple indoor shots with a variety of clothing and then ventured out in the field for some shots of the barn and wooded area.
Here's a few of my favorites from the day:


 More can be found in my gallery shortly:

Senior Portrait #2

Same girl - we had some outdoor portraits done as well.
My neighbor has an old barn that has a certain charm to it and works well for all kids of portraits, we utilized that as well as the woods above it for these outdoor shots.

More can be found in my galleries shortly:

Senior Portrait #1

Had a girl take me up on some Senior Portraits this year - got so many fantastic shots of her I have to do two posts for you. The indoor shots; she was brave enough to try my new backdrop called Crimson, I think it worked out well with her complexion and eyes.

Find more in my galleries shortly:

Outdoor Portraits

A friend of mine wanted some outdoor shots of her boys before the leaves fell off.
We took a few quick ones - it was getting late in the evening and light was dimming fast.
Still got a few cute ones. :)

Find more in my galleries shortly:

Autumn Bridals

Granted we didn't have the colorful leaves just yet but you could feel it in the air.
Or maybe that was love? ;)
This wonderful couple had some bridals done after their August wedding and I wanted to share a few of my favorites, wonderful farm setting and you can tell they're in love. Can it get much better?

More in my gallery soon:

More family shots

This family wanted to try a few more family shots to get more variety, I was more than happy to oblige.
Even though we couldn't get the posing just right, I think we managed to get a few good shots for them to pick from.

And of course the oldest wanted a few more shots with his smurfs - a little bigger ones this time.

More can be seen in my family gallery shortly:

Sweet Newborn!

This little fella was only 3 weeks old and so calm and laid back, never seen such a newborn. He didn't mind the posing and the flipping and turning, he just went back to sleep when he was "posed".
Ain't he the cutest!?


Find more in my newborn gallery on my website shortly:


NO session fees through December 31st, 2011 for all portraits:
Family, Birthday, Holiday, Senior, Infant Stages.

I will revamp my pricing list as of January, 2012 - in the meantime I'm trying to book up my weekends with portrait jobs, so I'll offer no sitting fees and option to buy a CD to print your own images.

Hurry up before they're all taken!
Be sure to mention you saw this on my blog or FB page. :)


Trust me, not every shot is perfect, sometimes you get those with faces in them and people just doing weird things. Even if shots like this don't get printed, its sure fun to look at.  And its not always the kids that are the goof-offs as you can see. ;o)


Don't forget to checkout my new "outtakes" gallery: