7, 5 and 3 Year Portraits

These little munchkins had a session scheduled a few weeks ago.
The girl has the makings of a supermodel - no posing necessary - she does her own.
Some of my favorites:

Her brother was a ham, some of my favorites was actually the faces he managed to squeeze into a few shots as I clicked. :)

And the youngest gave us the hardest time last time we attempted portraits, this time it went a lot smoother, we actually got shots without the props flying! :)

PreK Graduation Portraits

The local preschool I work with had me come in a do Graduation Portraits of their classes, its a favorite of mine to do - the kids are usually so happy and excited to be going to Kindergarten, so this is special for them. I end up with some good shots.
Here's a few of my favorites:

And more to be featured on my website shortly:

Spring PreK Portraits

A local preschool once again had me come out and shoot some spring portraits of their PreK'ers several weeks back.
We ended up with 2 different sets, this one for the younger classes - a simple school chalkboard background. And the other one will be featured in the next blog update.
A few of my favorites from the younger group:

More to come on my website shortly: