Christmas Card Portraits

This family has become regular customers and I met up with them at a local covered bridge back in the late fall to do their annual Christmas card portraits. This was a little different from their normal fall portraits. Considering how late in the fall we took them, I'm glad we had the bridge, it added a nice pop of color to their portraits.
Here's some of my favorites:


Took some cheerleading portraits back in the fall of this local cheerleader. Mom wanted some done on the football field for a change. This turned out to be a good setting but the sunshine was so bright - we had to get creative in our settings.
Here's some of my favorites:

Spring portraits!

It is almost that time a year again!
This was from my annual gig at a local preschool last year. I tried out my new flag banner backdrop, both lit and unlit - I much preferred it unlit so all the pretty colors show up.
Looked super cute with the little boys and girls - used some colorful mammut chairs for a pop of color. I'm starting to lean towards the KISS principle with my portraits - let the subject shine!