Painting with Lights

Thought I'd try my hand at something different.

I read an article about playing with long exposure, moving of camera and such and esp a light source with a lot of lights, like a Christmas tree. Well I figured it couldn't be too hard, so I set it up and sure enough the results are a bit unusual but fun. So I thought I'd post a few.
Its definitely not for everyone but its a bit out of the ordinary for me - and I'm going to try find more of these type things to photograph, it was a fun little side project.

Christmas Portraits

Christmas is almost here, its not too late to do a small session!
Get some great portraits of the kids or family and put them on Christmas cards, or even make a canvas print and give away to loved ones for Christmas?

You can have Christmas cards done locally in a couple of days and still send them out in time for Christmas. Canvas' usually take about a week but the results are well worth it - they print fabulous and looks great on the wall. I even offer a painted look so your portraits when printed on canvas will look like a painting.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Portrait time

My 9 year old just had a birthday recently and of course just like all other parents I wanted updated portraits of him - the school portrait he came home with just wasn't sufficient so I wanted to do some myself.
We start with him and his siblings for the Christmas card this year, which goes well and the kids take off playing. Now trying to coax my 9 yr old into doing his own, he asks: Why? You just took some last year!
LOL, I explained I wanted some updated pictures since he change his looks from year to year and its only once a year. He just couldn't get why I needed to redo the pictures EVERY year, wasn't once every 2-3 years enough?
Well it gave me a chance to play with some new "treatments" - one of my favorite is this B&W version, it does real well on most portraits.