With spring comes Graduates!

When the end of spring comes close you start hearing about graduations, both for High Schoolers and Preschoolers. I got the opportunity to snap some portraits at a local preschool, the kids did really good posing and I got some good shots of all of them, some a bit more serious than others. ;o)
Here's 2 of the preschoolers, as you can see they were happy to be graduating.


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1st Birthday with Cake.

As I've said before, this is one of my favorite sessions to do.
I love setting the kids down with balloons and their own cake to smash to pieces, its so festive and you can't beat the expressions most kids give.
This little fella was so excited about his balloons and cake and he kept looking and giggling at the cake the entire time. We sat him down and he was so neat with the cake, just picking off the sprinkles, barely touching the icing. Finally mom smashed his hand into it and it resulted in a minute's worth of crying til he realized there was CAKE underneath it and then he went to town on it eating and smearing.
Love the results, so cute and messy.

3rd Birthday Portraits.

At age 3 you're starting to get a little more co-operation from toddlers (at least compared to 1 or 2 year olds), in fact this little lady started with her own poses and to be honest she did a great job. Like the one of her laying on the floor was one of my favorites and completely her doing.

Then we tried a few new things as well...
I had seen this neat photo of arranging letters for the child's name in different fonts and colors and we decided to try that; the mom loved it, and it turned out so cute.
And I tried an old favorite pose as well, more or less a silhouette from waist up, it turned out pretty cute I think.

Family and Infant Portraits

Got a chance to photograph 2 families this weekend as well as some Infant and Toddler sessions.
The family ones turned out really nice, I always stress that I won't get a nice shot when there's more than 3 people and esp with 3 under 7, kids are so unpredictable. But they did really good and I got several nice shots of them.

Also snapped some individual of the kids. The two older kids were hams and then the little baby was so cute, she was bound and determined not to stay on the set, first chance she got she crawled off with super speed.

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