New backgrounds are in!!!

So excited to add a few items to my stock...6 new backgrounds to start with, see backgrounds and info below - will be available starting in January.  I'm also adding some rompers for baby shoots - will go perfectly with the Victorian Themed Dresser background. I'm looking into adding more holiday themed to do more Christmas shoots next year but more importantly a few more senior ones for usage starting this spring...stay tuned for more options and great deals!

Can't wait to try them out!

Cherry trees - perfect for your newborn portraits or as a spring background with toddlers/preschoolers.
The turquoise tufted background is fabulous with anything from baby through seniors and glamour shots!

Brick wall with door and window set - for those urban/grungy senior portraits. Would work spectacular with a brighter outfit!
Victorian dresser - I bought 2 different rompers to go with this as well as an antique mirror - anything from baby through child portraits, or even close ups of seniors for a little different texture/bg.

The flag BG thinking mainly for children and babies.
The pink tiles would be great for a pop of color with babies/toddlers or even seniors that need a little attitude.

Fall preschool portraits.

I have been INSANELY busy lately and gotten behind on my blog posts, for that I apologize but on a good note, means I'm staying busy and delivering great portraits. ;)

So about a month ago I had finished up my session at a local preschool again.  Absolutely love my sessions with the preschoolers - even though its all the same bg and no variety in poses, the personalities usually shine through loud and clear at this age.
Here's some of my favorites!