There is nothing better than vibrant colors in portraits, and autumn is the perfect season for these portraits. I love the splash of color it gives your final portraits, not to mention we have more options for backgrounds being outdoors; a simple turn in the same spot will give you a different look for your portrait.

Therefore I am once again offering fall portraits this season with NO SESSION FEES. This includes seniors, children/family, engagements. As long as we take the portraits outside on location I won'will not charge you for the session itself.

My printed portrait packages are affordable and my CDs include ALL edited photographs with a print release! Forget studios that only give you your favorite 5-10 portraits on a CD. You love them all so why would you not get them all?

Call or email me today to set up a date!

Back on the Farm for Senior Portraits

I have been terrible at updating the blog and website recently, but rest assured I am still taking wonderful portraits for clients. Call and make an appointment today, especially with the leaves getting ready to turn!

I had the pleasure to photograph this Senior late in the summer. She wanted her portraits done on the family farm in a variety of settings and outfits. I think we got some knockout portraits done that day.
Here's a few of my favorites;

Annual Scout Portraits

Did my annual scout portraits with a local cub scout group a few months ago.
I had several requests for the flag background before the shoot, so not much variation from last years but that's OK. As long as the clients are happy, I am happy. :)

What to display on the wall?

I have been taking a break from my photography blogging recently, between clients and school there is just no time. But I am still here for all of your photography needs! Just give me a call or send me an email.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this precious collage.
When you have trouble deciding which one of your favorite photographs to print, let me work up a composite! This can be printed on regular photo paper, or why not make it ready to hang wall canvas?!


Caribbean bliss.
Opted to gift the kids memories this year for Christmas rather than stuff - and they absolutely loved the last cruise we went on so I booked another with stops in Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica right after Christmas and New Years.

I ordered a new underwater camera just so I could try it on this trip and below you'll see why.  I opted for an Olympus tough series this time because of the great reviews and the RAW feature - this girl likes her RAW files. Probably should have played with it some more before hand but it did great.

In Grand Cayman we had booked a catamaran sail out to Stingray City and the kids got to swim among stingrays for an hour - probably the highlight of the entire cruise!  Just wow - if you ever go, be sure to make Stingray city a stop!!!  Got to give Luana credit for these amazing shots of my family - I brought my underwater camera but granted we would never have gotten the whole family in the shots. Well worth the money!

The above two images are Copyright of Luana with Happy Snaps Photography in Grand Cayman.

Taken with my new underwater Olympus of my oldest holding a stingray and we managed to catch a few of them swimming underwater, fast little buggers!

First image is Stingray City as we were leaving, and second is part of the harbor in Georgetown.

In Ocho Rios I opted for a combo tour up a skylift to Mystic Mountain for some great views and then they shuttled us to Dunn's River Falls to climb the waterfalls there.

Waiting area for Mystic Mountain, and views from the skylift.

Dunn's River Falls - the beginning. The other two are the family during the climb and after we finished. Another must do in if you're in Ocho Rios - we all had a blast!

And for my bucket list watch and photograph both a sunrise and sunset in one day (sunrise usually haven't been a problem, my past sunsets have been cloudy though which obviously obscures the view).

Sunset as we were leaving Miami - ain't it spectacular?!

And of course, we've got to have a sunrise and sunset at sea!