NYC 2013

Had a girls weekend in NYC this spring. The weather wasn't the best the first day (pouring down rain!). But we had an excellent second day walking through Brooklyn and across the Brooklyn Bridge. Here's some of my favorites from the weekend;
1. Some locks on the Brooklyn Bridge.
2. Candy at the Wonka Store in TRU on Times Square (trying to get more detail shots).
3. Manhattan Skyline from Staten Island Ferry.
4. Probably hands down my favorite shot from the whole trip: Brooklyn Bridge.

The Elusive Pet.

These pet portraits have been at least 2 years in the making.
I've never seen such a camera shy pet in my life, we've tried numerous times to get this one photographed and she just wouldn't have part of it. I finally managed to catch her in a good mood and we came armed with a secret weapon (treats!). Ain't she beautiful?

And one with her brother (who is a total camera ham):

More on my website shortly:


Did a few head and upper body shots here recently's looking fab so wanted to do a few of herself too. Managed to get a few that we both absolutely LOVED. :)