Some New Props

I aquired some new children's props this spring and since I had to take some new portraits of my 2 youngest I decided to try out the new stuff. I aquired a new paper color - orchid.
And I got these cute little ducklings (& a rabbit which we didn't use, maybe this fall or next spring?) - my kids were SO excited about these. As you can see I got some good shots of the kids with them.

Then I got a new petal mat, this one will be good for newborns through seniors. The previous mat I got is a bit rough to lay on, esp younger kids and infants, but this one seem to work well. It's a nice cream color so its fairly unisex for newborns.

And I got these blocks which I've repainted in primary colors (+ green). I thought about adding ABC and 123 on them but I figured I could do that digitally or even put the child's name and age in the openings.

Be sure to check out my portfolio galleries for more cute photos: