Fall Portraits at PreK

Back to taking portraits at a local preschool for fall picture day.
I had rave reviews a few years ago using my handpainted muslin backdrop so I reused it this year and tried to change up the props a little for something different.

I think they turned out adorable! But then look at the kids - can't go wrong with cute kids. ;)

Back on the farm!

Revisted the farm for some more portraits - no seniors this time but check out these adorable kids!
The farm worked perfectly for these little guys as well and I have some new favorites!

How can you say no to outdoor pictures when they look this vibrant!?

Mature couple.

This couple wanted some portraits done together and of the woman individually.
I love these sessions since they are usually a little out of the norm from what I normally shoot (mostly younger couples or kids).  We photographed them in Valley Park on the trail and I think we got some nice ones.


Last call for booking autumn portraits before the leaves are all gone and with NO session fee!

Senior Special!

Book a senior session now through November and get 20 extra wallets for those senior announcements completely free of charge!
No session fee through November, free digital image sent to the yearbook and low print packages and option to buy a CD to print your own!

Family Special!

Book a family or child session now through November and get 10% off your print purchase.
No session fee through November, and low print packages and option to buy a CD to print your own!

Graduation time - preschool style!

I have an annual gig with a local preschool to capture their graduates this past spring. I tend to keep it traditional and let the moment speak for these shots (simpler the better).
Here's some of my favorites from the day.


Outdoor portraits are my new favorite thing to photograph - the colors are so much more vibrant than studio portraits and will give us such a more versatile background option.

So to encourage more portraits this fall I'm offering once again - NO FEE SESSIONS. This includes seniors, children/family, engagements. As long as we do them outside I won't charge you for the session itself.

My printed portrait packages are affordable and my CDs include ALL edited photographs with print release! Forget studios that only give you your favorite 5-10 portraits on a CD. You love them all, you will get them all!

Call or email me today to set up a date!

New York, New York!

Went on my now annual trip to NYC a back in the spring, and of course my gear went with me. I got a chance to play around with my new 5D M3 and the HDR functions, tried my fish eye lens and got to knock some stuff of my bucket list (such as climbing the Statue of Liberty).

I handed my 5D M2 to my son that went with me, I've got a assistant in training. I always find it interesting to see what the kids take pictures of on trips, what they see through the lens. To be honest, he did really well!

Preschool Spring Portraits!

Ordered the new backdrops this past winter and I ordered this spring backdrop I thought would be versatile enough to use for many different portraits - I paired this with my stone floor and a bunny which the kids always love. Aren't they adorable!?