Other photo opportunities.

A couple of the sessions I had booked for this month got canceled and of course my fingers got itchy for something to photograph, so I found other things to capture this month - one of them being some orchids at a local conservatory that I visited.

Orchids is one of my favorite flowers, which is quite apparent when you look at my galleries - Orchids got their own gallery because I've photographed so many of them now! :o)
Here's a couple of the ones I took this month, and a link to more: http://www.pbase.com/timelessphotographywv/orchids

And last month I got in the baking mood and made my own homemade chocolates with fillings (some with almonds, marsmellows, coconut and then the last was suppose to be crushed butterfinger bars but I ran out, so I used some Swedish candy called Daim - its similar to Heath bars).
And I wouldn't be a photographer unless I started playing and photograph the things before they got consumed. You can find more of those images here: http://www.pbase.com/timelessphotographywv/chocolates

If you are curious you can find more of my other photograph opportunities (which are also available for purchase as prints or products) here:

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