Girls weekend in NOLA

A good friend and I went to New Orleans over Memorial Weekend. It's not NYC (but then again not very many places are), but we still have a good time. In the midst of downpours, blistered feet, and hot humid days, we still soaked up the local culture and historical sites and knocked another thing off the bucket lists.

Here's a few of my favorite photos from the weekend:
First the French Quarter, I loved all balconies!!!

This is supposedly Brangelina's house. And one of the French Quarter buildings that struck my fancy.

I could literally spend weeks just walking around the French Quarter by day to look at all the pretty buildings and their balconies. Just absolutely stunning.

The street signs were so fascinating and unusual, I snapped pictures of several during our weekend.

I loved the contrast of the old French Quarter in the foreground, against the stark silhouette of the Central Business District in the background. A lone trolley on Canal St.

These street signs fascinated me, reminded me very much of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. And then the fountain at Jackson Square.

St. Louis cathedral at sunset, it was GORGEOUS!  More brick and iron buildings. And walking back to Jackson Square from the French Market I passed this alley - it just screamed "take a picture of me!"; I love the contrast, colors and esp the reflection in the dark alley!

Next the beautiful Garden District:

If anyone has watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you know the white house. The turquoise one is the famous Commander's Palace - no I did not eat there, it's a little out of my budget. ;)

LaFayette Cemetery, it was hauntingly beautiful to walk around in. And the Anne Rice House.

One of the old graves in Lafayette Cemetery. And the Anne Rice house.

And then what I can only describe as, "only in NOLA" pictures:

Everyone needs to experience a little voodoo while in town. And yes those are Mardi Gras beads up in the trees at Jackson Square.

A trolley ride is a must through the Garden District! And this other photo was a check mark off my bucket list - to ride down the Mississippi River on a sternwheeler.

Found multiple horse head poles throughout both the Garden district and French Quarter, our tour guide informed us they were left from the days of horseriding into town, this is where they tied up the horses when they went inside the buildings. A tricked out Mardi Gras car in the French Quarter. And no trip to NOLA is complete without a little Satsmo (a statue by our hotel).

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