Autumn is almost past.

Its been a quick autumn, seems like it came and left so fast this year. I was really hoping to get out to get some outdoor fall portraits but the leaves turned so fast I didn't get a chance to this year. However I did get to take some fall themed portraits this weekend:
I took some of my kids and their cousins, not the easiest thing to do with such a wide range of ages: 8,5,2,2, and 4 months. But I think we got a few printables, this one was my favorite. I also took a fall portrait of just my niece and nephew - never seen such a happy 4 month old either, we got a lot of good shots of him.

And of course Aunt Sue has to be cruel and try her new prop even though he's gotten almost a bit too big for it. The tea cup! I had to see how it would turn out. Not bad huh, sort of cute and different, I think the best part was his expressions.

Until next time....

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