Maternity Sessions

Really behind on these, these were taken in April if I'm not mistaken? These two girls wanted to take some maternity pictures together, never done anything like that before and apparently neither has anyone else, I was trying to find some poses for two but everything out there is couples. So we improvised a bit. I had them pick their favorite poses and we tried to make it a dual pose. They came up with the Tennis rackets, they both used to play Tennis in high school so it was a bit personal to do that one.

I also added some sibling photos to this one, I never got to do a session with siblings involved and thought these turned out so precious, in fact I did a collage showing off a series of these with her looking, listening, kissing and hugging the belly. It was too cute.

And my favorite photo from each of their individual sessions. There was a lot of the same poses, but these two really stuck out as my favorites for each of them. The blond girl had seen a similar pose elsewhere and wanted to try a "toga" portrait for hers, I wasn't really thrilled with it til I started playing with black and white and different "actions", I LOVE how this one came out with a glow. And seeing the brunette was a bit further along (about a month), she was rounder around the belly so she got some great belly shots. I loved this pose with the booties the first time I tried it, and love it still - its dramatic lighting and a simple pose. My favorite.

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